About Us

The idea behind the creation Muslims of 2 Worlds was to establish a platform to assist young Muslim singles overcome the challenge of finding a like-minded partner in the Western world. This modern dating app for the most eligible Muslim singles has been developed around the principles of Islam. The advanced features of this platform are tailored to make your dating experience safe, convenient, and fun like never before.


Muslims of 2 Worlds offers a slew of advanced features such as phone and selfie verification for user safety, chat, and a compatibility calculator that helps find out the best match. A number of features of the app have been tailored to fit the cultural needs of the Muslim community. These features allow users to choose their level of religious practice, upload blurred profile picture until match, or mention whether they prefer someone wearing the hijab.

Modern features

Muslims of 2 Worlds is one of the most modern Muslim matrimonial apps with useful features such as swipe and chat. We make your finding a soulmate experience special by offering features that allow selection of partners with common interests, hobbies, and beliefs.


Respect for Islamic traditions is the hallmark of Muslims of 2 Worlds. The app features are designed to uphold these values without compromising on the fun of online matrimonial.


Security is a one of the primary concerns in the world of online dating. We address this issue by phone and selfie verification of each user.

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