Muslims, particularly our youth in the west are in a conundrum. Amongst the many challenges they face stemming from their East meets West fusion, finding the right partner tops the list. Gone are the days when all such decisions were left solely to the parents. No longer do couples simple get married after just one meeting of families. The young Muslim today feels more empowered and enlightened. They know exactly what sort of partner they want and they will not settle for anything less.

This would seemingly make things easier for everyone all around. Imagine a restaurant and you want dessert. Well here’s your menu card, pick what you want. Simple right? Wrong! Sometimes, that first bite is a letdown. Everyone has envisioned something different. Some would find it too sweet or too tart. Perhaps too decadent or fruity. The problem is you can always send the dessert back. Not so with your spouse. That’s your commitment, hopefully for life.

Once married, all couples, and I have found no exceptions to this to date, have to compromise, from odd quirks to bad habits. It’s a work in progress. However, what happens when the most fundamental basics such as your religious and cultural beliefs don’t meet at eye to eye. We all strive to be good Muslims, but honestly even the criteria of who is a good Muslim varies from person to person. Some think our 5 daily prayers are enough. Some stand up in the middle of the night for extra prayers. Some wear the hijab, others give importance to charity.

There are so many variations and most of those cannot be gauged in the traditional arranged boy/girl meet up. Religion is the one area where compromise is hard because ultimately what every couple wants is to raise their families their way with their values. If the ways are different then peace and harmony in the family will be disrupted. Religion, like politics should not be argued over as rarely do people change their stance based on the discussions with others.

There are many apps that have been developed to help people find companionship particularly in the west. However, these do not cater to our Muslim youth and their specific requirements. Meet Muslims of 2 worlds has been developed to fill in this gap. This app will allow our youth to search amongst hundreds for a potential soulmate. You can pick what matters most to you in your companion, be it their hair color, their level of devoutness or the particular sect they belong to. It is an app that seeks to help makes this very important life altering decision as smooth and seamless as possible. Meet Muslims of 2 worlds is a matchmaking app that not only tries to bring two people together but also tries to ensure that they stay together.